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We Are a UX Design Company

We are a digital design agency with a passion for creating digital experiences that people simply love to use. Kind of like the handyman who's always fixing things, we fix broken websites and maladjusted products to make them work for the end user and bring about better business results for our clients.  

We take a human-centered approach to all our projects which means working closely with you, our client, from concept through to design execution and testing.  We excel at taking complicated business problems and solving them elegantly with our unique and innovative solutions.


Inspire, Innovate, Grow

Our mission is to create digital experiences that change the way people feel about technology. We create remarkable digital experiences that inspire people, innovate, and help you grow your business.

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our founder

Luis Carretero, UX Consultant

Luis is a tech entrepreneur and leader who’s passionate about helping businesses grow through design. He is a visual thinker and loves connecting the dots between what users want, what companies want, and how we can align them for business success.

After a long career in the tourism industry he then relocated to Ottawa, Canada to launch his career in the ecommerce space. It was through that work he was introduced to user experience design, and later on reoriented to establish himself in the design field. He knew that his love for customer satisfaction and delivering memorable experiences was the perfect combination to be a part of it. Now he is the founder of zero.digital in the beautiful technology hub, Ottawa, Canada.


The benefits of working with us


We specialize in user experience design, so our team brings a deep understanding of how people interact with technology, and can create digital solutions that are easy for users to navigate.


We believe in a collaborative approach to design. We'll work with you to make sure you're fully satisfied with every step of the process. We believe that you know your business better than we do, which is why we start every project with a conversation that lets us get to know you.


Our approach is human-centred, meaning that we want your customers to feel like they're buying from a friend they trust, not just another company trying to sell them something. We approach every project with a fresh perspective and a dedication to your success. Our human-centred approach means we understand your users and what they need from the product, while we build a solution which will work for your business.

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