Web design and development (Sermit)


We are Sermit, a local organization developing the community and voice of our god. We try to create unity within the faith based communities to promote understanding in an effort to create a better community.

Bespoke home page



Design + Webflow development


UX/UI Design, Mobile-First, Information Architecture, Webflow

About the project

Phase One of the redesign began with a significant and detailed site map. It was important to reorganize the church's considerable content, helping the team make choices about grouping information as well as decisions on what content needed to stay, what offered the most value, and what was outdated or no longer necessary. This process was a huge but crucial step in building a clear and concise message for the church and allowing their story, and their voice, to truly shine through Sermit wanted their new site to be far more visual, bursting with playful and powerful images. The church is celebrating 40 years and has an enviable bank overflowing with images and artwork that speaks of a long and enchanting history.

The results we delivered

  • A more visually powerful website that resonates with their community
  • Organized content that’s easy to digest for the end user

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